You need to cook them from frozen. If you defrost before cooking they will clump together and would not be eatable.
If they come to your home freezer completely frozen we recommend them to be consumer by the Best Before Day on the packaging. Haven’t said that we set up Best Before date 18 month from the day of production, so the product is not only versatile, it is long lasting.
Cook them from frozen and use your preferred cooking method from the on-pack cooking instructions. Heat them to an internal temperature of 160F.
If you feel perogy are connected take the bag and gently tap over the kitchen counter, They should disconnect. If they do not because they are “fused” together please take the picture of perogies, dispose them and please contact us via “Contact Us” button on holyperogy.com
Most of our perogy are either vegetarian or vegan, however not all. Please refer to the Vegar or Vegetarian symbol on the front of the pack
All of our perogy are made with wheat flavor so they contain wheat. Some perogies also contain milk. Look for the contains allergens statement on the back side of the pack near ingredient panel. We do not have any nuts, soy or crustaceans in our products.
Holy Perogy!™have easy to read and short ingredient panel. It is wholesome and nutritious food with no preservatives and no artificial colors. Pick up the pack, flip to the back and see all nutritional information and claims for yourself.
If your favourite store does not carry our products you always can, while in the store, to ask store manager to may be bring it in, We recommend you visit www.holyperogy.com “Where to Buy” section. With easy to navigate map you will find the store with Holy Perogy!™ near you.
Our perogy are Instantly Quick Frozen (IQF), which can give the dough a frosty appearance. If the packaging is intact and they were not defrosted there should be no freezer burns. If you see some ice crystals that is normal. They occur naturally on frozen product. Excessive ice crystals may result from fluctuations in storage temperature.